Management currently employs an investment strategy targeting U.S. rental apartments predicated on trend data that we believe presents compelling and predictable demographic trends based on our research. Always seeking profit creation as a core objective, Dome acquires middle-market multifamily apartment properties below their replacement cost, seeks to implement best-in-class management practices and invests strategic capital to improve property operations, followed by the sale to a long-term owner, all within a projected three- to five-year period.

The firm applies a disciplined investment process marrying top-down economic and demographic research with bottom-up sourcing by accessing local knowledge via an expansive, scalable network of owner/operators.

Top-Down Research:

Regional Economic Analysis
  • Objectively measure which metropolitan areas are promoting economic vitality.
  • Quantitative – Quality employment and wage growth combined with property type supply/demand inputs.
  • Qualitative – Focus on stable growth markets and avoid stagnant ones.

Bottom-Up Sourcing:

Access Local Knowledge
  • Transaction flow generated through network of local operator relationships.
  • Property selection is a local business.
  • Venture with experienced owner / operators who are vertically integrated.
  • Align interests through co-investment.
  • Majority of compensation subject to return of capital plus double digit preferred return
    on capital.